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The Contrapasso in Dantes Inferno.

The Contrapasso in Dantes Inferno. The Contrapasso in Dante's InfernoCircle of the MalevolentAs we enter, I immediately felt ill from the humidity and indispictable odour of burnt flesh that fills the air. The walls and grounds are covered with big pearls, dripping with a thick substance of the colour red. With a further glance, I realize each pearl has a dark circle on its surface and these are eyeballs. An endless line of naked sinners stand close by along the circular path. There standing infront of the line is a great heinous monster, with two large horns on the crown of its head replacing the ears, huge round eyes, a lion's mouth and beasty paws with nails atleast ten inches in length.I notice something perculiar in this circle, and I ask Virgil, "Why is it that the sinners are oddly silent here?" And he does not answer my question, but replies, "Let's continue and see what Leeca does to the sinners."Porque sin miz no hay paysWe approach the line and I see the great beast stabbing the throat of a sinner with a si ngle nail from his left claw. The nail pokes through the back of the sinner's neck, then Leeca pulls it out and stabs the eyes with two nails from the right claw, leaving with only empty sockets. The sinner is grabbed by the bleeding neck, and thrown into the large pit located at the center of the circular path.I sensed the need to vomit and I watched the sinners pushing one another down to the bottom of the pit in order to dig themselves up to the surface. A numerous number of blacks crows drifts the air on top of the pit and pecks the empty eye sockets of those sinners who manage to crawl to the top. The sinner sinks...

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Celiac Disease - Smart Custom Writing Samples

Celiac Disease - Smart Custom Writing Internal Communication.An undeniable fact one may claim is that we are all involved in every day communication process. Whether it is a chat on the phone with a friend, daily newspaper reading, TV watching, socializing in a family circle or at school, college or at workplace – that is all a continuous information interchange thus being communication. The work for each individual is an indispensible part of life. That is the self-realization and make-a-living field. The organization of proper environment the staff is involved in goes beyond doubt. It results in coherent and collaborative team work and their effective performance. Therefore in any profit-making business sphere or public relations area we anyhow deal with management practice. So, let’s get an insight into the inner nature of a company’s arrangement. Any business structure inevitably encounters some sorts of ‘roughnesses’ that is the problems connected with underestimation and/or lack of motivation and information awareness of some staff members. Such ‘impurities’ may provoke disunity and discord in vision and perception of the company’s main priorities, future perspectives, strategies etc. that constitute its key conception. Not of the least are the issues of personnel’s obscure and misleading comprehension of his or her own role in the whole company’s success-building machine. To tune up this whole mechanism sophisticated managerial tools are applied. Hence, we touch the notion of internal communication (IC). It comprises the company’s functional leverage of monitoring, motivating, encouraging and coordinating the work of employees. It reflects the prowess of elaborate management policy. Thus, we need to clarify and elucidate some aspects concerned with the internal communic ation practice. ‘Internal’ designates the very gist of the process on question. It generally implies not only socializing among each other, but also has a wider sense representing the visible result of the correlated and interconnected efforts of each participant.   The relationships and attitudes among ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ members influence inner performance and matter a lot in shaping the image of a company outside. Here the IC is substantially helpful to reach the goals the governing body pursues. The work with personnel should not just envisage giving orders and expecting their dutiful fulfillment. This approach to dealing with staff is very delusive and lacks essentials – there must be a dialog between ‘boss’ and ‘subordinate’ in all levels of company’s operation. For the both sides to be mutually beneficial and their interests not to clash a special strategy is developed that contains certain aspects to be consid ered.   Ã¢â‚¬ËœTo listen to’ aspect can’t be ignored. It’s essential that Human Resources Management (HRM) take into account employees’ viewpoints, ideas, suggestions, since it gives the staff a feeling of their direct involvement in the process. Collection, procession and distribution of information among employees regarding the state of business and possible current problems is meaningful to create overall awareness and advances respect and loyalty to a company. In this connection we speak about interconnectivity that can be achieved by internal communication means.   Every day in any organization a great deal of issues is discussed and devolved through briefings, conferences, meetings, forums etc. where the staff participants are actually present. Hence they are engaged in face-to-face communication. Another way to represent and deliver information is either by printed regulations, newsletters and brochures or electronically – e.g. e-mail, voice-mail, messaging and corporate net system called intranet. It’s evident that nowadays world everyday witnesses the impetuous technological progress which helps to optimize and maximize people’s work. With the emergence of Internet humans saw the increasing role of electronic communication that was marked by convenience and relative velocity in information exchange. The benefits are obvious. So, firms, organizations, companies and enterprises viewed the perspective of application the analogy of global web being limited to the boundaries of internal company’s structure – intranet. Virtually it is a private network that serves the function of data storage and its distribution among all employees. The access to the system is available only to staff and restricted to non-authorized persons. The intranet constrains the external entry by means of firewall and thus provides safety of net content. Since intranet exploits the same technologies and tools which are applicable in internet for the web and e-mail service and also file transfer, no extra time and efforts are necessary for the staff members to adapt and utilize the corporate net capacity. Another advantage that counts is also the enhanced efficiency that staff show which is obtained by prompt and easy access to the database. Apparently, it proves to be useful when dealing with complex project work that necessitates the interchange of ideas with partners and seeking for the information relevant to the work performed. Therefore it might be facilitating to use links to collect data, then discuss it online with project participants and so share the viewpoints. Such an example among other positive sides of internal web resource demonstrates its time-saving expediency. In addition, the work of line managers is supported and to an extent simplified, since the work net is constantly updated and replenished. Thus, there is no need for an employee to persistently bother a line or senior manager with minor and insignificant issues. This kind of information is always at disposal in the intranet. Alongside with the virtues there come vices. The implementation of this sort of systems appears to be costly. Small businesses are unlikely to design and bring into action sophisticated intranets as compared to big corporations. Programming, design, constant upgrading inevitably requires investment. Unfortunately, another hindrance seems to be quite significant. We can’t but agree that however elaborate and well-programmed the network can be it is still exposed to insecurity ( Wireless/Networking). Computer tampering may be regarded as a contemporary problem number one in electronic communication. Moreover, considering a modern arena of leadership and competition not always sound actions are undertaken. The competitors may resort to tricks in attempts to fish out the information they can get advantage of. On the grounds of the mentioned pros and cons we can arrive at conclusion that in future for the intranet as the internal communication tool to become more secure it’s essential to pay thorough attention to the company’s R D activities in search of more failsafe and reliable information guarding. Concerning the whole internal communication practice we should emphasize the importance of psychological aspect in recruiting personnel and scrutinizing their relevance to the position and the end-result of their work. A special team of professional psychologists and analysts is able to timely reveal and prevent the possible deviation of some individuals from the main policy. That will immensely contribute to foresee the leak of information and hidden intensions of intranet users in case they turn out to be not true members of the team but possible spies. Thereby, to avoid malfunction and make the whole mechanism work in accord the constituents matter a lot.

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Leadership - MBA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Leadership - MBA - Essay Example Thus the only thing that will be found common between various leadership styles will be the â€Å"social influence† (Robert K. & Angelo K., 2004). This factor is the key in leadership. There are a number of leadership styles that are proposed in various books journals, periodicals and the internet. In this paper, only some of them are discussed very briefly as it is not possible to discuss each and every leadership style also these are discussed briefly so that these can be applied to the selected organization in much more detail. But are these styles of leadership actually followed in the organizations today? To look into the practical application of the various leadership styles, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of computer hardware components, Softech Company is selected and leadership styles followed at two different levels of management are discussed and analyzed. There is an in-depth analysis conducted on the style of leadership that these managers follow and the way they deal with their subordinates and what influence their subordinates have through their personalities. For the purpose of analyzing the application of leadership, Softech Company was selected. The company background and rationale for selection is discussed later in the paper. Two levels of the organization were focused for the analysis of the leadership style possessed by the leaders. One top level executive was chosen for the purpose of analysis and another middle level manager’s leadership style was studied. The names and complete designations are kept confidential as the respondents didn’t want to disclose this information. The styles of these managers vary broadly in terms of their approach to the tasks and subordinates. Unlike the trait theory, the behavioral aspect of leadership focuses on the behaviors of the leaders which largely influence their followers (Sadler, P., 1997). In this respect a number of

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Positions of Individual versus Society in Terms of Cognitive Essay

Positions of Individual versus Society in Terms of Cognitive Development - Essay Example This concept leads to several questions. Piaget saw the child as a solitary learner and discoverer, and on the contrary, Vygotsky emphasized on the social and cultural nature of the development. According to Vygotsky, a child's psychological development happens within social interactions, not through the unfolding of the innate structures. Development is a phenomenon that cannot be separated from its social and cultural contexts. Therefore as per his theory, individual is a part of the sociocultural matrix, where social interactions play important and fundamental roles in the development of cognition. It can said that not only the genetics and the environment, cognitive development is a manifestation of the influence of a mix of social forces surrounding the individual. The environment and individual change continuously, rather not in a staged fashion as prescribed by Piaget, and with these qualitative changes, the individuals produce new developmental accomplishments and mark new developmental milestones. If one compares these two paradigms, it will be evident that Piaget believed that the child him or herself is the most important source of cognitive development. ... Piaget relied upon the clinical method where he used probing questions to discover what the children understood, and Vygotsky on the contrary was concerned with the historical and social aspects of the human behavior that is unique for human nature. By his theory of genetic epistemology, Piaget studied the mechanism of acquirement of knowledge and was interested in errors that children make and suggested that these were nonrandom. He was on the look for a systematic pattern in the production of these errors and worked towards providing a logical and internally consistent explanation of these errors. In Piaget's view, development is a natural process with extension of the child's ideas from the child to the world with an invariant sequence of mental development in stages. On the contrary, as has been mentioned earlier, Vygotsky was concerned with the historical and social aspects of unique human natures. His theory suggested that social and cultural factors contribute to the developme nt of intellect, and speech is a tool of thought, and in that sense, development of speech carries culture in that it stores the ancestry of experience in the social context. Human being, in that sense, is unique because they use these tools to create artefacts to change life conditions. Thus, according to Vygotsky theory, ideas originate as a dialectical process of social, cultural, and historical factors in an unending and orderly pattern. Piaget believed that intelligence arises in a progressive fashion in a child's repetitive activities, and the child developmentally acquires concepts of space, time, causes, and physical objects and begins to have fantasy and symbolism right in the infancy. These can be interpreted by

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Ryanair External Analysis

Ryanair External Analysis Ryanair is an airline company which is well known for its low cost airline service in Europe. Ryanair was founded in 1985 by Christy Ryan, Liam Lonergan and noted Irish businessman, Tony Ryan. It has its head office in Dublin Airport in Ireland. The company which was running in loss was restructured in 1991 by Michael OLeary with no-frills, low-cost service which yielded profits to the company. It operates more than two hundred and twenty Boeing 737-800 aircrafts from 40 bases all over Europe, which is the largest airline company that carries millions of passengers every year. Revenue where raised from $231million in 1998 to $843 million in 2003.It showed considerable profits from  £48 million to  £239 million over the due course. The company yielded revenues of  £ 2,713.8 million during the financial year which ended March 2008, which is an increase of 21.3% compared to year 2007.The other revenue provide to Ryanair where car hire, travel insurance, etc which account to 16% of the total revenue. So the major vision of the company is to be the leader in the low fare airlines in Europe. The objective of the Ryanair airline company is to be the number one company in terms of customer service. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS: In the environmental scanning process we are going to see the external analysis. The PESTEL is an macro environmental scanning tool. The PESTEL which is known as Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Leagal. Let us discuss the factors in detail. (P)olitical Factors: The major political factors that affect the Ryanair are the pressure which is caused from the trade unions especially Pilot trade unions. The act of terrorism is another major political factor which will affect the airline service with increased time delays for security services. The landing charges is another important factor which influences politically. Due to the high landing fee in Stansted, Ryanair has decided to move routes from the Stansted to Gatwick (which is providind lower landing charges). Also the EU which has abolished the sales of duty-free items also causes major impact. (E)conomic Factors: The major economic factor is the unstable conditions in the fuel prices which affects the airline companys growth. Ryanair estimated that fuel bill is set to increase  £732m (in the financial year 2008) to  £1.01bn which had affected the profits down to  £235m between 2008 and March 2009.Further the weakening of the Pound value(GBP) also influences a lot on the growth of Ryanair. The recession and increase in the inflation rates have also affected the growth. The taxation issues are a very important factor which affects the economic growth of the company. (S)ocial Factors: The major social factors is the increase in travelling lifestyles of the people which affects the business of Ryanair .There are a variety of people who will prefer different ways of travelling and comfort. The increasing population which will be focusing on the health and fitness safety measures provided. So this will make the company spend a lot on the security service. Further the ageing population needs more leg space and health safety measures implementations. (T)echnological Factors: The new bigger planes with good modern technologies are required for the huge passenger traffic. So this in turn affects the economy of the company. The other important factor is the internet. The online ticket booking has increased from the year 2001 which made the company invest more on the outsourcing of these operations. Further the new technology planes with less fuel consumption are very important focus to buy in the situation where the fuel prices are increasing. (E)nvironmental Factors: The most important environmental factor which affects the companys revenue growth is the carbon emission and green house issues. So this makes the company to upgrade its existing planes to less carbon emission and less noise producing new technology planes. Further the carbon emission schemes differ between countries which in turn increase the taxing policies, so this also affects the economy of the company. (L)egal Factors: These include the EU regulators and the regulations which in turn reflects in the companys growth. The health and safety measures are also one of the legal factors in which case the passengers might sue the company for any accidents occurred . Further the landing charges varies between the countries which causes the company to pay more for landing in some bases. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE: For the industrial analysis we use the Porters Five Forces. In this picture L-LOW M-MEDIUM H- HIGH Considering this porters five forces the bargaining power of customers and the suppliers will be low because the airfare is already low which is quite reasonable. The threat of the substitutes will be medium which might depend on the relative price and quality of the substitutes. The threat of new entrants and the competitive rivalry is very high. For example the major competitor for Ryanair is the EasyJet airline which offers low price airfare with good customer service. This is described as below Market Segmentation Positioning Of Ryanair: Ryanair targets the people belonging to the middle class. It offers best low airfare with attractive packages. Even Ryanair offered free carriage of skis and snowboards to passengers flying to the Alps on September 2009. This even made people more happy to choose Ryanair for their travel, whereas their rival British Airways stopped their passengers from carrying their skis Positioning Of Ryanair: 1. Premium 2. Premium/ Competitive 4. Competitive 5.Competitive/ Leader 1. Excellent 2. Excellent/ Average 4. Average/ Acceptable 5. Acceptable 1. Original 2. Original/ Customized 3. Customized 4. Customized /Basic 1. Restricted 3. Restricted/ Selective 4. Selective/ Universal 5. Universal 1. Prestigious 2. Prestigious/ Respected 4. Respected 5. Respected/ Functional 1.Comprehensive 2.Comprehensive/ Standard 3. Standard 4. Standard/ Minimal PRICE QUALITY FEATURES AVAILABILITY SUPPORT REPUTATION Resource Resources of Ryanair: The resources are known as the tangible and intangible assets that a firm uses to choose and then implement them in strategies. The capabilities are the skills that the firm uses in order to bring its resources to bear the ongoing things. The Resources of the Ryanair are Physical Resources Ryanair operates a fleet of 232 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Ryanair has 41 bases and more than 1100 routes across 26 countries, which is connecting 153 destinations. Even the company has ordered 82 new flights which will be delivered within 3 years of time. This shows the companys rapid growth and expansion. Financial Resources The major financial resource like the number of flights that the company yielded is from the low cost airfare. The financial resources of Ryanair is quite strong when compared with its rival Easyjet which is shown in the table below Human Resources Ryanair currently has a crew of around 7000 people and carries around millon more than 58 million people in the year 2008.   Capabilities Of Ryanair: The capabilities of the Ryanair are the lowest airfares and the quickest turnaround time. Their innovative strategies on the cost reduction and the principle of No Frills are also an added advantage. They also focus on particular segment of market with some clear offers. They also have the large brand awareness. Ansoff Strategic Direction Matrix: The Igor Ansoff direction matrix helps the firms to decide on the possible ways to grow the business in the existing or new products , in the existing or new market. In this way we get four possible combinations. They are: Market Penetration Product Development Market Development Diversification These are describes in the picture below So by using the combinations from Ansoff , the Ryanair company seems to have successfully penetrated into the airline market by offering its customers with a very Low Airfare . Here the product which means the various services offered by Ryanair in the flight . The most significant one is the Low Airfare pricing offered to the passengers. Hence their market penetration is very strong and successful and also their product developed very well because of the low pricing of the air tickets. So naturally this made the company to become the largest low fare carriers across the Europe . This also influenced the development of the company in the airline market with the purchasing of many Boeing aircrafts with modern facilities. Further the company has expanded its routes to more than 1100 in more than 26 countries with 153 destinations. This is the major development in the airline market which attracted more customers. The company recorded the largest passenger carriers with 58 million pass engers travelling during the year 2008. This expansion made them to be more popular internationally which in fact required the divergence of employees and culture. So these have diversified the management and people they operate and made them to successfully unite them together. This is the major factor which made them to further penetrate and result in the product development to the existing and new markets. Hence the Ryanair here maintains B2C which yields them more profits. This also helps them to make a good customer relationship and also give them a reliable low priced air tickets. This makes the company Ryanair to be the leading Low airfare carriers among the European airline companies. Hence the low pricing strategy of Ryanair have targeted on the middle class people but with very basic services. Cost Reducing Strategy: The Ryanair follows the most effective strategies which is the cost reducing strategies. This cost reducing strategies helps the company to achieve the desired targets of low cost airfare. These are achieved by five major aspects. They are: Fleet Commonality Contracting the services to third parties The charges in airport and route policy Managing the staff and productivity costs Managing the marketing cost Fleet Commonality: The Ryanair has only the new Boeing 737 flight models which help the company in reducing the costs spent on maintenance such as obtaining the spare parts and also the training costs .This is the major advantage to the company to maintain single model of the air fleet which even increases the travel line security with new technology flights. Even these will help the company to save the fuel consumption and these flights are more fuel efficient and also maintain good safety. This also helps them in scheduling the fights and assembling the crew members. Contracting the services to third parties: The Ryanair has outsourced the services to third parties. They made deals with Hertz car rentals and hotels. So in this fast moving world people prefer to go for these good services along with their trips in order to save time and money. In this way they earn ancillary revenue of 16% of the profit. Further apart from the Dublin airport where they have their crew members to serve, the remaining airports they have contracted to the third parties to serve the ticket handling. In this way they also escape from the direct exposure of the potential disputes. The charges in airport and route policy: Since the Ryanair sells the tickets on its own, there is no activity of the agents required most often. So there is no necessity for the agent commission. So the company saves upto 15% on the agency commission. In order to reduce the airport landing fees, passenger landing fee, etc the company select the secondary and the regional airports which in turn increases the passenger throughput. Managing the staff and Productivity cost: The Ryanair follows the principle of paying the salary to their employees based on their performance. This is one of the best practices the modern companies are following these days to increase the work force performance and which in turn bring good revenue to the company. Hence they follow the modest salary policy. This in turn increases the productivity. Further most of the pilots are recruited when they are young pilots cadets which makes the company to train and make short term deals with them. Even the cabin crew should pay for their uniforms to be clean. Managing the marketing cost: The Ryanair in order to reduce the marketing costs it makes most of the marketing on its own without the travel agents. So it saves a lot in the agent commissions. Further the company spend a reasonable amount of money in advertising. The advertising tools used are like the newspapers, company website and also television. Porters Value Chain: The porters value chain is a chain with various activities for the company operating in a specific field. It has various varies Primary activities like the Inbound Logistics, Operations, Outbound Logistics, Marketing sales, Service. The other part is the support Activities which consists of administration infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology part and the Procurement. These values are very important for the company to maintain its performance and get a good profit in turn. Here the very important value is the no frill service and which makes the company to offer a low cost airfare. The various value drivers and their costs are identified for each of the value activity. Hence here for the Ryanair airline company the following are the identified values using the Porters Value Chain. Porters Generic Strategies: Michael Porter categorised the three general strategies that are to be used by the business firms in order to achieve competitive advantage. Hence these three strategies are defined in two different dimensioned they are the competitive scope and the competitive strength. The various generic strategies that the Ryanair company has chosen are the cost leadership, differentiation, cost focus, differentiation focus. The cost leadership is the major strategies used by the Ryanair which still makes it to the leading airline companies in Europe. The Ryanair maintains the low cost policy which is an advantage for its good market existence. Further it has made the people to choose the option of low airfare even in the existing market competition. Differentiation here is that it made their customers to be more satisfied regarding the low pricing airfare. Hence there it still retained the long run customer satisfaction regarding the airfare cost. The cost focus is mainly targeted on the people choosing low airfare travels. So the company has chosen the no frill strategy which still makes it more profitable in the markets. Even it has very cheap advertising concept which even adds more advantage. The reduced turnaround time and the various corporate partnership offers are also the competitive advantages of the company. The outsourcing of services in various international airports is also helpful to main tain its low cost airfare. Further the Ryanair follows the In-house marketing which also helps it to focus on low cost airfares. Even the company focussed on the narrow customer segment which will be including the Irish and the UK passengers who cannot afford to fly in expensive airlines. So the major goal of the company Ryanair is to provide the people with no frill service and low cost airfare all time. So Ryanair is the only company which has not yet revealed its strategic position. It has tried to mix up the focus and cost leadership together. So finally in 1997 the cost leadership strategy was being chosen by the company. This made the company more successful in its campaign. Hence the cost leadership is the best chosen strategies which make the company to be the leading one in the European airline industries. Hence this is the major competitive advantage the company has pursued. Conclusion: Hence from the above analysis the Ryanair proved to be the low cost airline which is confident of competing with its competitors in pricing. It is recommended that it should increase its services in the web which will yield more revenue these days. The Ryanair will surely make its successful way in Flying people withlow cost airfare. Critical Reflection: From the above discussed strategies the Ryanair airline company has achieved its goal of low cost airfare through no frill services. But still there are some areas that the company still need to improve in the strategic aspect. So based on the analysis we strongly recommend Ryanair to consider the airline expansion which is specifically the atlantic routes which is having the worlds 60% of air travel. Hence if it is moving on to the new market with this low cost airfare with some added services , then it will yield more profits compared to the present level. Further I recommend the Ryanair company to focus more on the following fields to improve its performance and which also yield good revenue to the company. Merging and Acquisitions Better reforms in human resource management Improving the market planning strategies Additional third party services Merging and Acquisitions: The merging and the acquisitions has become one of the major corporate-level strategies in this new millennium. Since the Ryanair is continuing to grow , it should make mergers or acquisitions with the companies in other countries which will rapidly increase its revenue. Even this will improve its capabilities and will also acquire more competitive advantage. Better reforms in human resource management: Since from the moment Ryanair started following its low cost airfare, it has sacrificed all its basic services. The company Ryanair does not seem to be valuing its people. Even it charges for the people for using the toilets. This made the pilots to oppose against this rules. There is a belief that the competitive advantage is also dependent on the human resource of the company. So there should be proper reforms in the human resource management .In this technological world the human resources are the only resources which will be bringing the sustainable competitive advantage. Improving the market planning strategies: The Ryanair should provide good customer services which in turn will yield good revenue to the company. So it should offer good airfare packages and promotions to the customers. This is the best way of improving the Core competence and will maintain its levelling in the competitive advantage. Further the company should also work out in holding the important air routes which will increase the revenue of the company. Further the expansion strategies are more important among the competitors. Further the Ryanair can give good low cost airline packages according to the various passenger population from different countries. This will helps the company to maintain a stable competitive advantage. The company should also provide the onboard entertainment services, Internet services and satellite television services. In online it can also sell some products with its brand name which is a good advertising strategy and also it will generate revenue. It can also reduce the charges imposed on over weight and extra luggages. The advertising strategies also should be made as digital marketing because the usage of internet has increased and people are more interested in booking tickets through online. So this digital marketing should be more effectively carried out which would increase the revenue of the firm. Additional third party services: The Ryanair outsourced the services to the third parties. Even still there are complaints from the passenger for the catering services in the plane. The company doesnt offer food free of cost inside the flight for the passenger. So it can also consider these recommendations to serve the passenger with food at a minimum charge. This will place the company more stable position among the competitors. Further the company can out source this catering service to a third party which also help the company to offer good service to the passengers.

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Dona Perfecta Essay

Dona Perfecta, written by B. Perez Galdos, is a novel that explores the conflict between the new progressive movement and the old religious school of thought. This conflict takes place in the small Spanish village of Orbajosa. Narrow-minded Catholic zealots dominate Orbajosa. The most prominent of the zealots is Dona Perfecta. Dona is traditional catholic and strives to fight any opposition to her fixed beliefs. Pepe Rey, her nephew, presents the biggest challenge to Dona because he is an engineer who relies on scientific fact rather than religious faith. Dona feels as though Pepe is challenging her and the towns’ livelihood. This belief leads Dona to not only turn the town against Pepe, but also to have him killed. Dona’s Catholic belief system is only a facade to her evil nature. The town of Orbajosa is presented to be a small yet inviting town. Pepe is welcomed to the town warmly and happily. Dona is the first to greet Pepe when the narrator states, â€Å"the sincere expression of her affection, was receiving him at the gate itself in her loving arms† (23). Dona appears to be a very loving and hospitable character. She also surprises Pepe with her lengthy preparations to his room when the narrator states, â€Å"Pepe recognized in all the details of the room the diligent and loving hand of the woman† (24). Dona has proven that she is capable of being kind and loving towards those who pose no threat to her lifestyle. However, it is only when Pepe denounces religion that Dona feels threatened and begins to revel her evil nature. When Pepe and the town canon, Don Inocencio, meet, the men clash with their ideals. Both are intelligent and therefore, are stubborn. Pepe reveals to Don Inocencio that science is more valid than religion when he states, â€Å"Mysticism in religion, routine in science, mannerism in art, are failing, as the Pagan gods fell† (36). Pepe expresses his opinions about science and religion without any hesitation. Don Incencio and the towns’ people of Orbajosa feel that Pepe is resolutely against their beliefs. Increasing animosity is the result of Pepe’s progressive mind-set. Dona feels as though Pepe is a liability to the town’s way of life and the only way to get rid of the problem is to exterminate it completely. Dona is desperate to get rid of Pepe. She knows that Pepe poses the possibly to contaminate the towns ideals with his progressive philosophy. Dona decides that the town must turn against Pepe. Dona accuses Pepe of being disrespectful in the church when she states, â€Å"between thinking things and showing them in that irreverent manner, there is a distance which a man of good sense and good breeding should never cross† (56). Dona feels the need to make baseless accusations about Pepe in order to sway the public opinion against Pepe. Pepe himself recognizes the absurdity of Dona’s accusation when he states, â€Å"I have shown no contempt for any one, nor do I entertain the ideas which you attribute to me† (57). Pepe is troubled by the idea that his own aunt would accuse him of such trivial acts. Pepe knows that his progressive ideals are threatening to the town and are creating distrust between him and Orbajosa. Dona knows that the only way to truly get rid of Pepe is to kill him. Dona is consumed with the idea that the town of Orbajosa is transitioning from a traditional mindset to a progressive mindset. In reaction, Dona orders the killing of Pepe. She then lies about the killing saying that Pepe committed suicide when she states, â€Å"Pepe Rey at about twelve o’clock last night entered the garden of the house and shot himself in the right temple† (218). Dona manufactured this lie in order to cover up her evil action. Dona resorted to extreme and evil measures in order to preserve her way of thought. Her name Dona Perfecta is ironic in the sense that Dona is far from perfect because she is evil. The injustice that Dona commits revels not only the true hypocritical nature of Dona but also the hypocritical nature of Orbajosa as a whole. Dona Perfecta uses the conflict between Pepe and Dona to show the strong opposition the progressive movement faces. While Pepe was welcomed at first, he was soon ostracized and persecuted for his thoughts. The towns’ people of Orbajosa felt Pepe might threaten their way of life. Extreme measures were taken by Dona to put Pepe to rest. Perhaps Galdos intends the reader to see that while people may appear to be good, in reality, they are not what they seem.

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The Modern Era - 1014 Words

Prestigious artists in the modern era have created highly abstract and non-representational work. The average everyday person who looks at Kandinsky, Picasso, or Duchamp may genuinely believe that they can produce better work without any art experience. But from their lack of art history they will not be able to produce work that has deep meaning like Picasso, or psychoanalysis of color theory like Kandinsky. Firstly, Kandinsky’s â€Å"Composition VII,† initially seems messy, unorganized, or even accidental. But the colors are not random; each color has a purpose behind it. He analyses color to the point where he made a â€Å"Basic Color Theory† analysis. For example, the yellow represents joy, happiness, satisfaction. Kandinsky says, yellow is â€Å"warm,† â€Å"cheeky and exciting.† In life yellow is seen in nature and fast-food industries. The yellow sun is commonly preferred over a dark black sky at night; Vitamin D from the sun is necessary as it increases biologic hormones, hence, makes a person more positive and joyous. Similarly, the McDonald’s logo of the â€Å"Golden Arches† is bright yellow. This color was chosen because it evokes a positive emotion. Therefore, even though â€Å"Composition VII† looks like a random mess that a child could do there is significant breakdown behind the color palette. Understandably, kids like bright colors and various sounds. In 1923, â€Å"Composition VIII† by Kandinsky presents another theory; that color and line are reflective of sound/music. TheShow MoreRelatedThe Modern Era Of Globalization854 Words   |  4 Pagesconsumer, but when you look more deeply you find that no sector of the supply chain or even the economy has been unaffected by the changes of Globalization. Age of Globalization The modern era of Globalization was the culmination of three major changes to the world. First is the ease of production introduced by the industrial era. Production was centralized in factories and allowed for the economics of scale and specialization to take hold. Assembly line efficiency has been enhanced by supply chainRead MoreThe Modern Era Of Reporting944 Words   |  4 Pagescome a long way since its early time, but has remained the same fundamentally. This essay will explain the different types of eras in reporting the news, starting from the colonial era all the way to what is currently called the modern era of reporting. This will also define the terms of the Penny Press, Jazz journalism, Yellow journalism, and Muckraking to its specific era. In 1690, Benjamin Harris published the first American newspaper. Freedom of press wasn’t exactly in style at the time, andRead MoreEvolving Into A Modern Era1121 Words   |  5 PagesMeeru Chaudhary November 18th,2015 Business Law 160 Wednesday 6:55-9:20pm Evolving into a Modern Era The universe of Web and online law is dynamic, growing and progressively imperative. As rising advances push the limits of the current legitimate scene, courts and administrators are compelled to consider the suggestions that emerge from the crossing point of laws and the internet, both in translating current laws and in drafting new laws and legal choices. Email and a virtual vicinity empowersRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Modern Era1309 Words   |  6 PagesThe Beginning of the Modern Era The Industrial Revolution has been one of the social historical event that transformed the way of economic thinking of humanity towards improving living conditions, was also ironically factor at the same time triggered that slowly and gradually they last the resources the planet provides us for our subsistence, unable to even provide a viable response that allows the renewal of such resources. The critical point is that they have not been enough isolated attempts thatRead MoreNurses And The Modern Era1696 Words   |  7 PagesJacob. There are also many parables that showed acts of nursing. Helping your sister with a bruised cut can even be a form of nursing. Although nursing has a big impact, it is also very broad and versatile. The field of nursing has adapted to the modern era we live in, contains many careers, requires certain characteristics, can be an occupation for males and females and provides a bridge of trust between the community and the health sector. In the beginning, nurses were restricted to only helpingRead MoreThe Renaissance Or Modern Era Essay1761 Words   |  8 PagesThe fifteenth century was a time when Italian culture embraced the arts and the artist responsible for transforming medieval artistic style to what is called the Renaissance or modern era. The Renaissance emerged in Florence during the fourteen and fifteen centuries, where the interest of expression that had been suppressed, broke free and emerged with a sense of creativity, reproducing their ancient culture. The sense of creativity gave birth to the Renaissance and the emergence of humanism, resultingRead MoreLgbt History And The Modern Era1737 Words   |  7 Pagesmajority of groups of people and historical events. This essay will prove that there is a problematic issue where LGBT lives and existences are being erased throughout history and the modern era. Throughout, it will be explained how these groups of people are being underrepresented within histor y, major wars, and the modern era. History covers a very broad spectrum of time, with recorded history going as far back as five thousand years. Yet, within this period of five thousand years, history books implementedRead MoreThe Modern Era And Its Impact On The World1086 Words   |  5 PagesThe Modern period is a cultural movement that has a lasting impact on the world. The Romantic period provoked everyone to rebellion and two of the greatest revolutions, the American and French, were an outcome of that period. Thus, the Modern period was born when the Romantics faded out and this shift in culture changed the world forever. Modernism changed the way people lived in a number of different reasons, but there are three that stood out from the rest. The Modern Era changed the world throughRead MoreModernism And Its Impact On The Modern Era847 Words   |  4 PagesThe twenty-first century is developing into a time of technological developments and the beginning of the Modern Era. The early Modern Era was known as a ti me of exploration and globalization. Globalization is the interconnection of countries; there is an active exchange of commodities, ideas, and philosophical thoughts. With the development in technology such as cell phones, airplanes, Internet, and social media; it has made the growth of transportation and communication networks possible and muchRead MoreEating Disorders And The Modern Era1481 Words   |  6 PagesDiagnosis Eating disorders are becoming more common in the Modern Era. Millions of people all across the U.S. are being diagnosed with an eating disorder. Each eating disorder that an individual can be diagnosed with has different characteristics. When questioning if someone has an eating disorder, the individual typically begins to eat differently than usual if even at all and cares more about their appearance and body weight. There are different stages to one’s illness that determines the